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Who we are: We are a fashion & design house empowering community artisans and creating a stylish social statement. In a world where fashion and design are often seen as excess, R2R is proof that style and sustainability can coexist.

What we do: We partner with local artisans across the Philippines to create eco-ethical fashion and home accessories out of upcycled, overstock cloth & indigenous fabrics.

And most importantly, WHY we are doing it: We don’t just love seeing transformation, we love being a big part of it! R2R is a life and livelihood partner for empowered and dignified artisans as they strive to weave better futures for their families and communities.

Since we started back in November 2007, we've been beyond grateful that a lot of people and organizations have continued to show their love and support for R2R. It's because of those who keep sharing our story to the world that we are able to carry on with our mission of empowering community artisans in the Philippines.

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"The stylist of the Queen chooses the clutches that match her outfits. She is very enthusiastic about it because Mathilde supports products made from ecological materials. She finds the story behind the bags beautiful as well that’s why she uses them regularly."
Belgian queen’s favorite handbags are Filipino-made
ABS-CBN News - December 06, 2016
"[R2R] focuses on handwoven bags which upcycle overtsocked cloth and indigenous fabrics. More than that, they partner with local artisans across the country to empower them as dignified artisans, and help weave a better future for their families and communities. R2R is proof that style and sustainability can co-exist. Each piece created is not just a fashion statement but also a social statement."
R2R: Weaving style and sustainability
PhilStar Global - November 23, 2016
"Today, the company continues to empower the women of Payatas and community artisans alike through their art, by moving on to fashion accessories and bags made from upcycled scrap cloth, organic materials, and indigenous fabrics."
An eco-ethical fashion brand makes ‘art that you can wear’
CNN Philippines Life - October 13, 2016
"In the often ego-driven world of high fashion – where a designer's name drives the success of the brand – Rags2Riches is turning many of the commonly held assumptions about brand success on their head."
Turning scraps into chic from one of the Philippines' largest landfills
CNN - May 21, 2014
"Rags2Riches was created to give skilled women fair access to the market. It has formed a partnership with well known Filipino designers who have transformed the scrap material into high-end fashion accessories."
The fashion brands empowering women in developing countries
The Guardian - June 18, 2014
"Rags2Riches integrated a design solution by partnering with well-known influential fashion designers turning scrap materials into fashion handbags. "
What It Takes to Be a Social Entrepreneur: An Interview With Rags2Riches
Huffington Post - May 06, 2014
"The very first step in starting R2R: ENGAGE. It is tempting to make a business plan, feasibility study, or market research right away (and these will be done at some point), but without proper community engagement and building of trust, any enterprise will be built on weak foundation. As a social enterprise with an expressed intention of creating positive impact, building trust is not a nice-to-have, it is the most important foundation."
Rags2Riches Lessons for Social Impact Entrepreneurs
Core77 - February 11, 2016
"It's not about lack of talent or determination. People need opportunities to be able to get out of poverty."
Rags2Riches Empowers Impoverished Women to Turn Recycled Scrap into Haute Couture
Fast Company - August 10, 2011
"We formed Rags2Riches as an eco-ethical fashion and lifestyle company that provides sustainable livelihood to artisans, through providing them with access to the top designers in the country, access to training and quality of life programmes, as well as access to the market."
Anthropologie’s New Eco-Ethical Partner
Vogue UK - July 10, 2013
"... from an irritation and disturbance, we were able to discover something really beautiful. We discovered the amazing skills of urban artisans, their hopeful spirit, and their deep desire to lift themselves, their families, and communities out of poverty. So what started as anger (with the injustices) turned into inspiration and love for our artisans and country."
Empowering artisans in the Philippines
Rappler - August 10, 2014
2015 Forbes 30 Under 30
2015 Eileen Fisher Women in Business Awardee
2013 Schwab Social Entrepreneur of the Year, Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship
2013 DEVEX 40 under 40
2012 Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum
2012 Global Good Fund Fellow
2010 Young Laureate, Rolex Awards for Enterprise
2010 Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs, Go Negosyo
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