Medina Collection (F/H 2016)

What makes a community?

In all of its vibrant colors, busy streets, and surprising corners, a medina in Morocco and other cities in North Africa is a place of gathering. Artisan stalls and shops, historic fountains and monuments, and even homes and schools form this walled quarter that locals and tourists alike flock to.

In the Medina Collection, we celebrate the different parts that build a community. Like how a medina is structurally designed to be communal, our communities are composed of people with varying backgrounds and talents. Each one has a joyful story to tell and a unique role to play in the pursuit of common goals and dreams.

The embroidered patterns of the bags were inspired by these unique structures and intricate designs found in a medina, reflecting the communal values that it embraces. Each design is carefully hand-stitched onto our signature weave by the R2R artisans, taking up to 12 hours to finish.

The embroidery, along with the signature R2R weave, is a reflection of how each community takes a lot of work, dedication, and passion to build.

All of the best things are.

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