Sol Collection for Summer 2020


The summer sun is out, but it still seems dark these days. We created this collection earlier this year with so much hope for the future and determined as ever to create livelihood opportunities for our community artisans.



Yet here we are now, in the middle of a pandemic. It may seem dark, but our hope still shines. It shines because of the compassion we have seen around us. It shines because of our frontliners who are working hard every single day to cure and comfort. It shines because of our artisans who inspire us every day. It shines because of advocates like you who have supported us since we started.



We are proud of this collection, and we thought that we would launch it differently, under different circumstances. But things have changed, and we are all figuring things out together while physically apart. What has not changed though is the reason why we are here in the first place. We started R2R because we wanted to create sustainable livelihood opportunities for community artisans. This collection continues that purpose, which is now more critical and urgent than ever before.



These are uncertain and dark times. But while we navigate through the darkness, we’ll try our darn hardest not to leave anyone behind. And this is why as we support artisan livelihood through this collection, we also thought of contributing what we can to our front liners.


The profit of this collection will be donated to frontliners in different industries in the form of cash and PPEs.


Sharing this collection to the world is our way to contribute what we can, continue what we do, and shine a light on why we do it.