If optimism were a bag collection, this would be it.

Meet Hardin, R2R's Summer 2019 Collection filled with intricately handwoven and hand-embroidered pieces that are inspired by blooms and the seeds that make them possible. ⁣

In the collection, there are three special edition styles: the Pusô, Kahon, and Vinia Fanny Pack.

Each comes in three bright and light colors perfect for the summer, Turquoise, Mango Mojito, and Sand, and are available only in very limited pieces.⁣

The advocate-ambassadors of Hardin are Jana Bunagan, Elle Battung, and Coeli San Luis––all amazing women who advocate for inspiring causes, create a positive influence in their own communities, and live a life of bravery, compassion, and intention.

Click on any of the beautiful, artisan-made pieces of the Hardin Collection below to know more of their details.